Language Learning Round Table

The traditional Language Learning Round Table, which is kindly sponsored by Language Learning, will take place on Wednesday afternoon, 24 August, and dedicated to the topic:

"Corpora as resource for second language research and teaching. Opportunities and challenges"

The use of corpora is a traditional tool for studying second language development and acquisition. The creation of the large longitudinal corpus within the ESF project (Perdue 1993), for example, has had a major impact on research in the field of SLA. 

The advent of the Internet and especially the possibility of storing and sharing large databases has facilitated access to corpora. As a result, the beginning of the 21st century has seen the rise of corpus linguistics, as well as the development of software to facilitate transcription and coding (e.g. CLAN, MacWhinney 2002), and tools for automatic data analysis (e.g. TreeTagger).

This digital evolution has stimulated approaches that focus on language as "parole"/"speech", such as the usage-based approach (Bybee 2008, N. Ellis 2002). Furthermore, the possibility of comparing target language corpora with learner production has brought about a better understanding of the role of input in second language acquisition.

Invited speakers:


Katharina Karges (University of Fribourg), Isabelle Udry (University of Fribourg)

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