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PhD researcher
KU Leuven
Ghent University
University of Barcelona
Universitat de Barcelona
Research affiliate
University of Amsterdam
University of Amsterdam
University of Pannonia Veszprem
PhD student
Aarhus University
University of Kansas
Professor of Applied Linguistics
University College of Education Upper Austria
Professor of Applied Linguistics, Department of English Studies
Chuo University
Teacher (English for Academic Purposes - Doctoral candidates)
Université de Lausanne
PhD Candidate
University of Toronto
professeur d'université
Université de Paris 8 & UMR7023, CNRS
Universität Bern
Professor Emeritus
McGill University
Associate Professor
University of Leeds
PhD candidate
Laboratory of Phonetics and Phonology (UMR 7018, CNRS – Sorbonne Nouvelle)
PhD student
The Pennsylvania State University
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Ph.D. student
University of Western Ontario
PhD candidate
University of Birmingham
PhD Researcher and Tutor
University of Edinburgh
PhD student
University of Warsaw